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Welcome to my blog on Chairing the Board



Nobody’s born a director. We don’t grow into being a governor, the way we do with walking, talking, parenting and even, to some degree, making a success of a job. All of these are essentially skills we learn as individuals.Becoming an effective director requires a range ...
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Do you recognise this board? Directors arrive shortly before the scheduled start; you take your places, open your board packs and work your way through the agenda, item by item; as the chair closes the meeting, you shut your pack, gather your iPad and phone, and head to the ...
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I’d guess that most of us have held more board meetings virtually than in person over the last 18 months. Remote meetings, still a rarity two years ago, are business as usual and here to stay.We’re learning how to make the most of them: To interpret non-verbal signa...
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