Westlake Governance Limited is excited to announce our partnership with Australian firm Peakstone Global Pty Limited. Together we can provide even more comprehensive governance, risk and compliance solutions to our customers.


Great boards review their performance regularly and have a culture of continuous improvement. In this rapidly changing world, there’s no place for complacency. Boards need to ensure the board agenda covers evolving issues as well as core board responsibilities. The board must spend time as effectively as possible in the areas of greatest strategic importance. They must continue to challenge management, bringing new insights and strategic perspectives. Westlake Governance has a wealth of experience in board evaluation and have both online board benchmarking and tailored options to help you interpret results and get the most from your online report.

Validated, world-class board benchmarking

Westlake Governance has partnered with Board Benchmarking to bring you a world-class online benchmarking service that will help you lift your board’s governance effectiveness. Our board effectiveness survey covers the 20 dimensions important to a board’s effectiveness. We have affordable options for organisations of all sizes.

Explore our online evaluation and benchmarking options

Tailored, facilitated options

  • Using your Board Effectiveness report as a basis for discussion, Westlake Governance will facilitate an interactive workshop with the whole board, an opportunity to explore the findings and recommendations on ways to improve board effectiveness
  • Westlake Governance can attend and observe one of your board meetings in-person or via video and provide feedback as part of the facilitated discussion
  • A desk review of your board agenda and board papers can be undertaken, particularly if your review shows board processes need improvement.

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