Westlake Governance Limited is excited to announce our partnership with Australian firm Peakstone Global Pty Limited. Together we can provide even more comprehensive governance, risk and compliance solutions to our customers.

We build boards into leading teams

Westlake Governance helps organisations and their leaders understand what good governance is and how to achieve it. Our vast practical experience means solutions that work.



Our development programmes help chairs, boards, CEOs and leadership teams build their skills and confidence to govern more effectively.



As a trusted advisor to your board, we help you focus on what matters most. We bring an exceptional understanding of governance principles overlaid with years of experience.



We help boards review and benchmark their performance so they can continually fine-tune how they operate and add even greater value.

Why Work With Us

Richard's Blog on Chairing the Board

Richard Westlake's blog is chairingtheboard.com, he informally calls it ‘CHAFTROU – chairing, for the rest of us.’
We hope it’ll become a useful reference tool for chairs and experienced board members of all those thousands of organisations, of all sizes, for which we share the privilege and challenge of providing governance leadership, control and oversight. Richard says "I don't expect everyone to agree with everything I say, but if I’ve started you thinking, then I think I’ve done my job."

500 Board Reviews Later... Lessons on Board Performance

Westlake Governance Limited and Peakstone Global as part of the Board Benchmarking alliance of board advisory partners have achieved a significant milestone of having completed over 500 board reviews.

To recognise this we have compiled a comprehensive report that reveals key learnings and insights into the core principles of a highly effective board from around the globe.

Richard's Book On Governance

Richard Westlake has written a timely book on what makes good governance, published by the World Bank's Global Corporate Governance Forum. While Guidance for the Directors of Banks is directly relevant to the banking environment, its principles and guidance have much wider application.

What Our Clients Say

He’s a trusted advisor who takes the results and helped me work through the ‘so what?’ That’s where the real value is.”

Ian Fitzgerald, Chair Public Trust, Director World of Wearable Arts

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