Westlake Governance Limited is excited to announce our partnership with Australian firm Peakstone Global Pty Limited. Together we can provide even more comprehensive governance, risk and compliance solutions to our customers.

What Our Clients Say

What sets us apart

John DeBernardo

Chair NZPM Co-operative

“The increased amount of engagement and ongoing relationship is testament to how good Richard is. We will continue to use his services for both routine and specialised work. He is doing a great job so he gets the repeat business and is our go-to person for governance support.

Richard takes the time to understand your business. He has really strong co-operative and corporate experience so he has a good, rounded sense of how businesses and boards operate.

I can’t over emphasise the trust. He understands how our company works - he knows the people and he has their confidence.”

Board Development

Jonathan Lee

Director and former Chair Co-operative Business NZ

“We chose Westlake Governance as a partner to deliver governance training due to their depth of experience particularly in the co-operative sector. Their understanding of the differences and similarities and their practical experience brings an extra dimension to the sessions they run.”

“Their passion for governance is clear. The real-life anecdotes are highly memorable and bring the subject to life. They’re good at getting others in the workshop to share their experiences which adds to the participants’ learning experience.”

Deborah James

Executive Director, Independent Schools of New Zealand

"On private school boards there are many expert people in their own right. Richard is quick to learn and understand the nuances of his audience, their level of governance competency and adapts his messaging accordingly. He takes the time to learn the environment or sector and is good at articulating how effective governance principles apply as much in a school setting as in the corporate setting.

Richard has an exceptional understanding of governance principles as they apply to all sectors. When looking to develop professional development for our private school boards, we needed someone with the reputation, credibility and expertise who could quickly build respect. Richard was the obvious choice.” 

Board Evaluation

Ian Fitzgerald

Chair Public Trust, Director World of Wearable Arts

“In today’s fast paced world, I was searching for a way to ensure our governance was agile and fit for purpose. Richard engaged with my committee chairs to create a powerful conversation. The result was a bit of a game-changer in the way we govern.” 

Australian Internet domain – Governance Review

Extract from Board summary on auDA’s website

“Overall, the Board was very pleased with the thoroughness and consultative nature of the review process, the diligence and independence of the reviewers, and the comprehensive and accurate nature of their observations and resultant recommendations.” 

John DeBernardo

Chair NZPM Co-operative

“Working with Richard has helped us become more effective in terms of how we structure board operations. He’s helped us ensure we have a strong strategic focus and we cover the key issues at the beginning of the day when everyone is fresh. He has some really good tools such as the FICKS framework that has helped us ensure we prioritise our strategic thinking.”

New Zealand NGO – Governance Review

Letter from Board Chair

“Your report has electrified board members. It is important that such a penetrating analysis should be addressed… In my opinion your report is forward-looking, ‘on the money’ and comes just at the right time...” 

International NGO – Governance Review

Letter from London-based Chair of Board’s Working Group

“At our first post Paris Working Group meeting yesterday, the WG agreed that I should put on record our thanks and appreciation for all your and Westlake Consulting’s efforts and commitment in relation to the preparation and delivery of your report. We have been very impressed and pleased!” 

Board Advisory

John DeBernardo

Chair NZPM Co-operative

“Working with Richard has helped me better understand how the board should be working and the fit and competencies of people we need on the board. He’s helped us finetune to become a better organisation, a more effective and well-rounded board.”

Ian Fitzgerald

Chair Public Trust, director World of Wearable Arts

“Board reviews are an important part of ensuring a board’s effectiveness but the real value Richard brings is he’s a seasoned professional and understands the people issues. He has a rigorous methodology and then he overlays this with his vast practical governance experience and his understanding of the complexities of people dynamics.

He’s a trusted adviser who takes the results and helped me work through the ‘so what?’ That’s where the real value is.” 

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